Record: 50-76 / 5th place / SciFi and Fantasy League
Gallifrey Time Lords



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Legend: (a) = auto-renew at league minimum, T = Team Option, P = Player Option, V = Vesting Option, Arb = Likely arb-eligible
* = players in minors on league minimum deals are only paid 16.5% of their salary while in the minors
Color code: Contract extension, Retained contract
Note: This table is a best-guess, and likely won't match OOTP exactly for auto-renew and arb eligibility.
StatsPlus is ignoring Super Two rules, and also assuming all players on 40-man are in the majors all season.
Pos Player Age 2044 2045 2046 2047 2048
P Gordon Glarion 28 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
C Billy Aeon 26 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a)
P Ruli Garrido 27 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
LF Phanth Toothdragger 33 $970k
CF Menegilda Grub 19 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
LF Splinter Moonbeam 37 $13.2M (V) Arb Arb Arb
2B Babo Peatfingers 31 $1.04M Arb
2B Cohnal Elithraldur 26 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
RF Carl Bracewaith 33 $11.1M $10M $10M $9.5M (V)
C Dejmina Symbaern 25 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
P Grodzog the Nasty 27 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
3B Jymwise Guilén 27 $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb Arb Arb
3B Thuror Oathbreaker 33 Arb Arb Arb
3B Bodo Longstrider 29 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb Arb
P Franklyn Handwalker 27 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
SS Cristovão Taflambas 27 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
P Stepán Ramchand 28 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
P Myeong-keun the Evil 24 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb Arb
1B Dasin Olba 28 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
LF Gloriana Goodrich 27 $400k (a)* $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
CF Estella Greenthumb 31 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
C Elessar Borkowicz 30 $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb Arb Arb
P Krabgunk Nosehammer 22 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
SS Caruhasan Foxburr 23 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a)
P Elrildur So Paio 22 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a)
3B Cakravata Toothdrinker 27 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
LF Zuvia Arwiama 35 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a)
P Nicholas Roper 34
C Venali Legeolas 30 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
2B Celeodur Augcatus 33 $21.6M $21.6M $21.6M
P Gurg Toemasher 27 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
3B Genus Longbeard 33 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
P Kimar Larenthanil 22 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a)
P Dominik Giamir 29 $400k (a)* $400k (a) Arb Arb Arb
P Molg Bloodcrawler 25 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
C Arinori Celolas 27 $2.84M Arb Arb
P Timba Mulhall 30 $790k
3B Khwaja Montelonzo 26 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb Arb
P Noor Bojórquez 23 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a)
P Thribhush Gnomedragger 27 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a)
1B Cahyono Stennett 31 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
P Intevar Thrilmanduil 33 $1.34M
RF Blozdakh the Straggler 25 $400k (a)* $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a)
P Dipak Dumbart 24 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a)
P Ichiro Gardener 24 $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) $400k (a) Arb
Total $52.88M $31.6M $31.6M $9.5M $0