Record: 48-67 / 4th place / SciFi and Fantasy League
Chiba City Neuromancers



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Chiba City (SFL)
Pos Name Injury Days Left IL Status
P Nibs Hilldweller 10 days 10 days left
P Groin Overturf 63 days 50 days left (60-day IL)
P Sognath the Vague 312 days Eligible to return (60-day IL)
LF Thean Isuwyn Day-to-day, 2 days Not on IL
P Irlag Driderwalker 74 days 9 days left (60-day IL)
Spacely (SFLAAA)
Pos Name Injury Days Left IL Status
C Wyndelleu Talesspur 9 days Not on IL
C Harthug Greatstink Day-to-day, 4 days Not on IL

Major League IL Season Summary - Days and $
Pos Name Salary IL Days $ on IL
P Radiagrin Headstrong $780k 84 $361k
P Nibs Hilldweller $660k 11 $40.1k
P Groin Overturf $1.2M 38 $251k
P Kabguh Manthrottler $400k 106 $234k
P Sognath the Vague $400k 73 $161k
CF Sadoc Bramble $400k 45 $99.4k
P Irlag Driderwalker $400k 51 $112k
Total on IL 408 days $1.26M